Log Ins or sign ups required?

(Gina A. Riley) #1

I did a quick search and could not find a recent thread.

Are all users required to login in order to reply or create post? Can some post anonymous with temp username?

I’m building a new community from scratch and I’m afraid a forced login/signup would deter some from posting.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

Discourse doesn’t allow users without account to post. If that is a hard requirement you may move to another software.

What you can do in Discourse is using seamless logins (single sign on, social logins) to make the sign up process easy.

(Gina A. Riley) #4

I figured as much.

I want to make it easy to post while building up the community. Once I have large enough numbers, 100 or so, then I wouldn’t mind mandatory log in.

Thanks for the info.

BTW, I really like how the :heart: looks now. That was a good move.