Login error when using DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser


I am managing a Discourse-Forum and I just now found out that I can not login to my account when I use the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser. I get “Unknown Error” upon login (URL is whitelisted, Privacy Protectiosn are disabled for my URL). If I use the Apple Safari Browser (same iPhone), I can login just fine.

I guess it has to do with the Browser itself.

In case someone would like to replicate this, I tried with my Apple iPhone 8 with iOS 11.3. My Discourse is up-to-date (v2.0.0.beta7 +94).

Could I generate any debugs in order to help troubleshoot this?

Thanks a lot and many greetings from Germany.

This is an issue with the DDG Privacy Browser, not Discourse itself, and it should be reported to them… not us.