Login page redirection if user not logged-in


(Niaj Morshed) #1

On my site, lets say example.com, I have a link to my discourse site with a sso payload. For example discourse.com/session/sso_provider?sso=afjakfj&sig=sdjfsdkfj. After the user clicks this link, If the user is not logged on to Discourse, the user is redirected to the discourse.com/login. But here I want to redirect the user in another page is it possible?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Why do you need to do this? The point of login is to … log in…

Or just implement proper SSO per the topic in the howto category here.

(Kane York) #3

This is almost certainly wrong… Link them to /session/sso to kick it off. Or just /login which redirects anonymous users there.

(Francis Seno) #4

Hi @riking,
sorry to ask, but where can I input the redirect url? under Settings > Login > sso url ?