Login page showing HTTP Error 500

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The logs are talking about PHP seems like your reverse proxy’s configuration is messed up somehow.

If you know who installed it for you, they may be able to help you getting this sorted as there is nothing obvious that can be assumed from the above logs.


That isn’t a Discourse error log, if you’re using a subfolder installation then you need to look at changes which have occurred in Apache2. It appears you’re using Hostgator - is it a VPS, or is the proxy configured through some form of control panel.

Also, to clarify, are you running two instances of Discourse? The instance at http://forum.helicalinsight.com appears to be running fine.

The same caveats to subfolders apply now as they did in 2016:


Hello Bhanu Sharma,

Thank You for your quick reply. Am really sorry for wrong post. The problem is not with my discourse. The problem is with my CRM(Vtiger).

Any suggestion after looking the error logs to solve this issue.

Thank You.

If the problem is with vTiger, it goes out of scope of this forum. If you want to hire me to fix this for You, feel free to reach out to me at bhanu@orng.co and we can discuss possible solutions.