Login with Facebook/google accounts using api for a mobile APP

(Zinda Xyz) #1

It would also be incredible to allow new users to register or login using Facebook/google accounts.

Is this possible?

i can login with username and password using api but how can i login with Facebook/google accounts in api

(Gautam Kachenga) #2

@zinda_xyz Were you able to find a solution ? We too are facing this issue.

(Gautam Kachenga) #3

@codinghorror @sam Any idea how this problem could be solved: login via Facebook in native android app via discourse rest api (that is not using webview).

(Sam Saffron) #4

You would need some sort of plugin, what you are describing is not simple

(Zinda Xyz) #5

also how to reset password link using username or email with api?

(Zinda Xyz) #6

what kind of plugin i need? and where can i get plugin?

(Sam Saffron) #7

You are going to need to write it

(Kane York) #8

I’m not quite sure, but there is an Android API to pop up a native dialog to select a Google Account. It’s possible that flow returns an OAuth token.