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Can someone give me a quote how much this would cost?

Need someone to help me set up the forum so that people can login using their social media accounts such as FB, Twitter etc

BTW, is social media login the same thing as SSO?



Have you had a look at the settings at /admin/site_settings/category/login ?

It’s pretty simple to set up yourself.

More info:
Configuring Twitter login for Discourse
Configuring Facebook login for Discourse

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In an ideal world, you are right, and someone with reasonable literacy can read and follow those instructions, and that’s what I recommend to anyone needing social logins.

Navigating the create your app gauntlet on many of those sites is a little confusing if you’re not adept at such, and fiddle even if you are. If you’re someone like me, configuring it for someone else, do you create the thing under your own account, or get their credentials and do it for them?

There was discussion here recently, of fairly technical folks, who weren’t sure just what google wanted. (Configuring Google login for Discourse)

Maybe I’ll check it out again tomorrow and see again just how big a pain it is for a couple of my sites, but as I recall it’s fiddly enough that I would hesitate to do it for someone for less than $50 to $100 per social app, so that’s nearly $500 for all of them, which seems like more than someone would expect. Still, I could do a dozen $99 installs in less time than it’d take to configure a single Facebook login.

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No. Social logins are different from SSO. The first S in SSO is for Single. Social logins allow you to authenticate against any of those services for which you have the same email address as you use in Discourse. It means that people can create an account without email verification, since google, for example, verifies that you own the email address

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