Logo CSS issues after update

this old setting

This is size logo before upgrade

This is size logo after upgrade. and i cannot fix it to size normal.


You have this rule in your theme

.logo-big {
  max-height: 62px !important;
  margin-top: -10px;

It assumes the header height is 63px. That needs to be adjusted to 60px. The negative margin-top is also not necessary anymore. So the rule then becomes

.logo-big {
  max-height: 60px;

Then add the following:

.d-header #site-logo {
  height: auto;

And see if that fixes your problem.

Side note: Your logo has a lot of empty space and the actual logo is not vertically centered within the image, so it might be worth it to edit the file and remove the unnecessary space.


Yes i can fix it. thank you very mush.

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