Logo disappearing

(srikanth) #1

hi to discourse,

i have one forum and customized a logo . customizing logo by creating a topic by uploading a logo image then getting the logo path and using that logo path in admin -> settings -> logo url and logo small url ->updating the path.

by this way i uploaded logo many times, but after one week the logo get disappearing.please give a better solution to fix the logo issue.

(Pad Pors) #2

did you create a new topic or did you put the logo in “site asset” topic which is in staff category and is exactly for this purpose?

and may the disappearing be because of the internet connection or whatever? since some times that my connection is slow, images (especially large ones) do not appear correctly.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

You have to create a reply with the logo on it, if you upload but don’t save the post, it will be an orphan image and be cleaned up.