Logo Resize & Open Links in Header in New Tab?

(Sydney) #1

Hi there!
So, I’m new to Discourse and there’s a few issues I’m having that are rather frustrating when setting up our soon to be SDS Community Forum.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

  • make the logo in the header bigger and flush with the top of the page with a small buffer at the bottom of the header

example on main site http://www.servicedogsociety.com:

  • make the links in the navigation header open in new tabs (related to our parent site, not the forum; so this is pretty important to us)

The problems I’m having:

  • can’t figure out how to make the logo bigger in the header
  • I’m not sure why this code isn’t working to make our navigation header tabs open in new browser tabs:
    (I have my user settings set to open links in a new tab)

example of coding I used for our nav links in html:
helper.h('li.hidden-for-mobile', [
helper.h('a.nav-link', {

I feel like an absolute moron here, lol. I’ve done HTML, CSS, and Javascript in the past, but never with the Discourse platform.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

(Daniela) #2

For this problem see here:

You can, but you need a lot of lines of CSS to do that decently. The header is one of the most dynamic parts of discourse. I suggest you create your own custom header above the discourse header (not inside). It is much simpler and more manageable, especially if you only have little knowledge of CSS.
Otherwise try looking here:

(Sydney) #3

I’ll try those out, thanks! :slight_smile: