Logos just got weird on our site after upgrading today

Hey everyone, we updated our Discourse today and something is affecting our site logos now.

Kinda similar to Mobile logo in header broken and Logo suddenly got small with latest update. Could someone check my CSS? but not quite the same as either of them…

We’re running v2.2.0.beta4 +298 and our site is located at https://GreyArro.ws/

First issue is that when you scroll down inside a topic the big logo would be replaced with a smaller square one. This is now kinda large and overlapping in to the post content. You can see the issue here https://greyarro.ws/t/the-great-big-non-drone-photo-thread/3308/2

The image used to scale down nicely in to the top bar, but it’s now being displayed full size. Screen shot of issue 1:

Issue two then is when on mobile.

Well, this is kinda issue two and three really.

Issue two being that when on mobile no logo is visible at the top at all, just a place holder:

And I’ll call it issue three, but it’s probably all related, when on mobile and scrolling down the page, again instead of the small square logo we used to have, we now see the lower half of the square image, which like issue 1 is also at its full size:

I’m sorry I don’t know which version we upgraded from (is there a way to tell?) but we always upgrade every two or three weeks so we’re never far behind.

Thanks in advance for any insight offered :bowing_man:

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Also, if it helps (or complicates things?!) we use larger-than-normal logos re: Trying to use a large top logo - unsuccessfully!

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Can you do another rebuild? You need to be on +384 at least.

@Johani recently fixed this issue I believe.


Hi @zogstrip I’ve only ever upgraded using the /admin/upgrade interface, which is currently telling me I’m up to date.

I was wondering if this issue may have been caused by a conflict of new code with our old CSS?




In case you can’t tell, I’m not clued up enough with CSS to be able to tell if my old settings are now coming back to haunt me :slightly_frowning_face:

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The logo appears to be the correct size for me, which browser are you seeing the issue in?

I am failing to see the mobile logo too… for some reason access is denied for the image…


Can you try reuploading it?


Hey @awesomerobot thanks for taking a look :+1:

This appears to be a two-fold issue.

One issue was as you rightly pointed out, one of the images no longer working. This appears to have been tombstoned on Amazon AWS for some reason. I have re-uploaded as you suggested and that seems to have fixed that issue.

The other part of the issue seems to be caching related.

If I / we dump the cache on our devices everything, as you point out, works great again. But most users are still seeing weird logos.

Here’s an example from my iPhone (not cleared the cache yet, this is what the majority of our users are seeing):

So I think my next question would be, is there a way to somehow clear a cache on our users remotely? Or change something in discourse that forces an update / refresh almost? :thinking:

Would some kind of rake assets:precompile flush the old/existing logos out and freshen them?

Is there a re-compile option, rather than precompile?

Not sure if I’m barking up the wrong tree or not :blush:

Hi @Richie :wave:

Caching is not the issue.

Something is not right with the logos you’ve uploaded.

When I look at your site, here’s what I see:

Desktop before scrolling:

The large image doesn’t seem to be an uploaded logo, it’s part of custom HTML that’s added to your theme:

You can see this in safe-mode

The actual large-logo that’s uploaded on your site is a 1px transparent png


Desktop after scrolling in a topic:

Which indicates that the small-logo you uploaded is loading correctly

Mobile before scrolling:

which seems to be the mobile-logo that you uploaded in your site settings and is loading correctly.

For reference, it’s this image


Mobile after scrolling:

Can you please make sure that the logos you’d like to use are uploaded in the admin in the appropriate site-logo settings and see if that solves the issues you’re seeing?

I also don’t have access to the dark theme used on your site, so make sure that you’re not adding a logo via custom HTML in that theme as well.


Hi @Johani!

Thanks for the detailed reply!

We do indeed use an unusual logo arrangement, just so we’re able to display a large banner at the top.

I shall adjust accordingly and I suspect this will fix the issue completely. In which case, I’ll need to come up with a different way of displaying a large logo.

Very grateful, thanks once again, I shall try this tomorrow morning :+1:t2: