Long category names overlap in hamburger menu

Anyone else has experienced this type of problem?
Is there a workaround, or should it go to the bugs category here in Meta?

I reported this last year. On my site the problem doesn’t show up any more - are you on an old version? using customized styling?



Looks like this has been fixed?

I currently run the latest version.
It still look broken:

See it live here

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Looks great on mobile for me today! Interesting - chrome also offered to translate it for me and it worked very well as far as I can tell.


What web browser are you using there? Getting slightly different behavior on chrome.

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Google Chrome for MacOS.
I usually zoom in, but zooming back to 100% scale does not help either:

I get this on chrome on osx too. Do you have theme customizations that might be affecting this?

I have some CSS customizations, but I just made sure I removed anything related to category names. The issue persists. hm…

Try disabling all css customizations temporarily and see what happens.

In debugger, I can see that no additional styles are applied to category names. is this not enough?

Dude - you’re troubleshooting. :sunglasses: Turn them off and see what happens. I don’t have any other ideas to offer you. On my site, long category names no longer overlap in hamburger menu. This is what it looks like in chrome on my mac. So I submit to you that it’s a plugin or customization that’s messing up your menu.

Update: oh, and above I verified that your site looks fine on mobile. So you probably made a css change only to desktop views that broke the display of categories.

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Ah yes this is a well timed bump, as category names can now be a bit longer with the 2-line layout default as of Discourse 2.2. But on this particular dropdown that restriction still needs to be in effect due to the two column layout.