Looking for advice about sso approach

(Jeff Willette) #1

I habe a django site that needs a forum and i have decided to use discourse fpr that purpose. I will meed integrated auth which gives me two options…

1 use discourse as the sso provider
2 use django as the sso provider

My django site will have a limited amount pf user data and i imagine discourse would have more data in the long run. Discourse already has a social auth system while i wpuld have to roll one with django (trivial with django allauth but i would still have to style it and integrate it with discourse)

This leads me to believe that using discourse as the aao provider would be the better option but i am not sure. What would you recommend?

If i do choose to use discpurse as the sso provider how would i keep a user logged in? Would i have to create a cookie with django? Does this have to be different than the cookie stored by discourse? The tutorial here doesnt say much about that, but it is probably common knowledge to most, but not me. How does this work?