Looking for somebody to create a shadow ban plugin


Hi Discourse Community,

I’m looking for somebody who can create a shadow ban plugin, this will allow admins to shadow ban a user.

It will need to look to the user as if they’re not banned, the site should look as if it’s fully functional, however, no other users can see any of the actions that the user does.

When do I need it done?

I’m quite flexible, I could probably give 1.5 weeks for something like this to get done, I’m not very experienced with discourse plugins so I’m not sure how complicated something like this should be.


Once again, I’m quite flexible, I’m happy to negotiate.

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This already exists and although it is a few years old, it still works fine.


I thought it had certain issues.

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I know 100% sure it is working on 2.8, I have tested it last month.


I suppose this deems this post as solves, thanks for the response, might have saved me there!


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