Looking for Users Ranking plugin

(Shaco) #1

I am looking for a plugin that would display a ranking of users based on points from activities in given sections of the forum.

(Shaco) #2

There is nothink like that ??

(Chaboi 3000) #3

If you mean rankings and stats of users, you can always go to the users sections by going to: The three hamburger lines–>Users–>And there you are! You can check the daily stats, weekly, etc.

(Just another happy Discourse user) #4

There’s at least two plug-ins for user reputations which might be useful to you. There’s also a lot of potentially useful discussion on a range of related issues, features and reporting.

The Discourse philosophy tends to discourage this sort of activity.

Here’s one topic on that from 2015:

But Discourse does have badges which may be useful

The badges score things like number of posts and likes.

Here’s the discussion behind them (2016):

And Discourse allows querying the database

Site admins (and soon other users) can produce Data Explorer reports directly from the Discourse database:

There have been several discussions about user scores and reputations

Such as these from 2015:

Plug-ins do exist that may be suitable for you

A reputation plug-in (2016):

A plug-in has been privately developed (2018) but it has not yet been published: