Losing site_settings after forced reboot



We had several occasions (Alas!) where we had to force reboot the VM where the docker based install of discourse is running in.

At each time we observed that discourse had lost its site settings:


Doing regular reboots (init 6) did not show this effect.

(Sam Saffron) #2

This sounds very fishy to me, we store the site settings in the database, can you reproduce this?


Sam, we use your three docker container setup, so everything should be stored in the postgre db. Could it be that part of the settings are not stored in the VM hosting the containers (effectively /var/discourse/shared/data/postgres_data) but in the containers themselves? The containers with the btrf layers might be sensitive to abrupt shutdows, we guess.

(Sam Saffron) #4

All the settings are stored in the database, the database should be stored in a standard folder on the host. so … I don’t know maybe you are changing a setting and then quickly crashing out the db so fast that it goes away … maybe (and I really hope this is not the case) you are storing the db data inside your db container.


Sam, we surely have a straightforward dockerized setup.
We would like to check the postgres logfile. I could not find it on the host in /var/discourse/shared/data/log/, and not in the db container under /var/log.