Lots of errors since 1.9.0.beta17


I have upgraded ton 1.9.0.beta 17 few days ago and since then I’ve seen a lot of errors while looking at sidekiq. In fact I checked what happenned in there because the forum was displaying a white screen about 30 hours after the upgrade, I did a rebuild app but nothing has changed.

Here is what I see when I check Sidekiq:

And here is the details of the errors I get, it keeps on trying to do it but with the same errors over and over again:

Does anyone have any idea about what is going on and changed in the last update?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe you need to downgrade Docker?

Whilst the white screen for 30 hours is consistent with the Docker bug, the sidekiq errors aren’t immediately obviously related. I don’t have a coherent theory as to how the Docker bug would result in “no HTTP request path given” – although, given the scope of the breakage introduced by the Docker bug, I wouldn’t want to rule it out.


Sadly I’ve already done that after I upgraded to the last version, I came accross the thread @Mittineague linked: