Lounge permissions reset

(Adnan) #1

I noticed that the category permissions resets after updating discourse. I had created a new group and set the permission of the category, but after updating discourse it reverted permissions back to “admin” only group.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? I will try and re-produce the bug and provide some screenshots.

(cpradio) #2

Was it for the Lounge? If so, this is by design and it is encouraged to delete the Lounge and create a new category for your specific permission group instead.

(Adnan) #3

Yes, it was for lounge. Oh k…I will try that instead, thanks for pointing that out.

(Kane York) #4

Note that the “Staff” category also gets these resets (I think). In general, you should try not to repurpose the seeded categories and just make new ones instead.

(Adnan) #5

k, that makes sense. Thanks!

This topic can be closed, since this is not a bug.

(Kane York) #6

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