Low bounce rate in Google Analytics?

(smartwatchme) #1

Anyone ever have an issue with extremely low bounce rate being reported in GA? As in below 5%…?

Analytics problem with Version 1.7?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

It’s because Discourse is awesome, people visit and just never want to leave. They make it their browser home page.

(Kane York) #3

There’s two possibilities here - the bounce rate really is that low, because people keep coming back - or a page transition is accidentally triggered on the initial page load, which GA thinks is a click somewhere, so that 5% is counting the number of people with a broken site.


Just noticed my very low bounce rate. Couldn’t be happier, amirite?
As @riking yeah, i think the page transition plays a big role, good content keeps them longer in the site.

(Fahad Ullah) #5

I have also noticed the same. After moving away from vBulletin, our bounce rate has come down from 45% to 7%. Is this normal?