Mail Digest not being sent


(Alex) #1

My discourse site has about a dozen users, and we use the site in bursts, and not with regular frequency. I made a post on April 29th, (the first in about 2 weeks), but no email digest was ever sent out to anyone. If I use the “Digest Preview” for that week, nothing is rendered.

I can confirm that my mail settings are correct, as other discourse mails work, but no digest emails appear in the sent logs (or the logs for my mail provider).

Here are some settings that I thought might be relevant:

  • The site is Invite Only and Login Required and doesn’t allow new registration
  • digest min excerpt length = 100 (The post in question is more than 100 characters)
  • Suppress digest email after days = 365 (The site is only a few months old)
  • Disable digest emails = unchecked

Because I can’t even get the Digest Preview to show the post, I don’t believe this is related to a user’s specific settings.

How can I determine what is stopping the Mail Digest from being sent?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Are the users who posted at trust level 1 or higher? The digest excludes new users for safety.

(Ricardo Viteri) #4

In my case I have users trust level 1 and digest emails are not being sent. Can someone help me troubleshoot?