Mail notification with smtp (g suite)

(Tumi) #1

hello i was read that i cant use normal gmail to set up working installation of discorse becouse google will be off this box ? Is it true ?

I was heard that g suite is working good for it? It is right?

Have you know any else possibilities to sending mailing to users without mailgun , elasticemail etc ??

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

If you are not going to believe the dozen existing posts that say that, why would you believe people here?

It looks like it:

Sure, there are tons of possibilities, but none as easy as using something like Mailgun. If you’re sending more than 10K messages/month that you can send for free, you’ll probably figure out some way to monetize your community. Other solutions will take much more time and be more likely to be broken and/or fragile.

(Tumi) #3

Thank for info. You got right but i just wanna know more than less.
I want to know what will happened when some thinks getting done.

can you tell me. 10 k mail per month is rather for 200 users online per day or 1000 users per day? Btw , What factors affect the number of emails sent? (im asking becouse i cant control it as admin as i want…)

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

There are site settings you can adjust. You could, for example, limit to 1 email per user per day. That would give you 200 * 30 = 6,000 messages in a month.

(Tumi) #5

oh thanks i was dont know about it ? is this a new capability on discourse or i just dont find it in setting ?

Can i limit 1 email per 2 days or 1 week ?
Can i limit per group members or somethink like that (for example for users with more than 200 post)


What about not active members (no activity for 30 days or longer ? ) did they recive mail too ? can i off this for this group ?

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

Here are some settings to check:

suppress digest email after days
max emails per day per user

(Tumi) #7

Hell again , u told about mailgun ? How much mails arivved to non-spam folders ? in percentage ?
What about elasticemail ? thet have free 150k mails but for example after register an account mail from them was land to my … spam folder. Its not sounds good. Any experience with elasticemail ?