Mail sending error using gmail and Digital Ocean

(Athos Alves De Souza) #1

Hello team,

I have this problem Mail sending error using gmail and Digital Ocean, someone have a suggetins how I solve this?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

DO has probably blocked outgoing SMTP ports for you. You can open a ticket, or try changing the port to 2525.

You can test by doing

telnet your.smtp.server 25

(or whatever port you’re using).

BUT that’s not important now. You can’t use Gmail to send email. It’s a violation of their Terms of Service and isn’t designed to work with Discourse.

(Athos Alves De Souza) #3

hummm understood
You have a suggestion about what service I can use for send e-mails?

(Jeff Wong) #4

You can find a few recommended email services listed here: