Mail summaries: color: #006699;;


Hi I found a small bug in your summary e-mails:
the inline css color value sometimes ends with two semicolons instead of one
Popular Topics: color: #FFFFFF;;
New Posts: color: #006699;;
There are more headlines in each mail, but that’s probably easier for you to figure out.

#006699;; could even be removed completely, since this color is never used for those headlines anyhow.
(overwritten by another css rule in every case, I think)


(Daniela) #3

Hey @Djfe, I can repro the bug only when I look to /admin/email/preview-digest but not from the mail provider.
The color for those headers is given by the email accent fg color site setting that overwrite the email link color site setting (used mostly for the topics title and for the Read More button).

I move the topic to the #ux category that is most appropriate.