MailCatcher not catching email

Is this a development install, or a live instance?


i its a live instance

Take a read of the email setup guide. Those are the providers we can help you configure here.

I you insist on running your own mail server, it’s done so on the provisio that you have the requisite knowledge to configure it.

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sorry its development

Ok, then why are you trying to configure a mail server?

Mailcatcher will work if you configure it correctly.

so ive set mail catcher i can go to the web interface

do i configer it like this

That’s a public IP, where is MailCatcher installed? is this development instance local, or remote?

If you’ve got an app.yml are you sure you followed the guide you linked? the app.yml is part of docker-based installs.

its installed on the local but if i point it to it goes to the docker container

Right, and as I said above Docker isn’t a part of the installation process you linked.

Are you sure you’ve done a development install? Because it sounds a lot like you’ve done a docker install and are just trying to bypass email.

thats how i launch it with the ./launcher start app

Right, so that’s not built using the installation guide you linked. This is the development docker installation guide:

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sorry ive found the guide i followed as i was having problems with the rails dev install it was giving me some weird error about gem files or something:

That’s a production install process, and not even the official one at that.

We can’t really help you twist and contort that into a development install. I would recommend either following the docker installation guide I linked, or re-attempting the one you initially shared.

ok will do ill try and get it tow work

is their a production version of discourse

There’s a production install method, yes, which is the standard install guide. But the outcome is going to be similar to the guide you followed, an installation which is designed for live use and not suited to development.

Email is central to discourse, we’re not going to be able to help you if your intention is to set up a live discourse instance without email.

If you’re looking to install Discourse for development purposes though then the two guides linked further up are what you need to be looking at.

so yeh i must have got the production and dev ones mixed when making the server

That’s the beauty of the development install, you can put it on your own computer, no server required.

ive set it up with elastic email and i still don’t get an email in my mail box

This hack which is not supported in any way, shape or form should theoretically work for your unusual usage case. It should not be used unless the server is accessible only from your internal network.

Click on this if you have read and understand the above "notice"
  1. Install mailcatcher
  2. Enter the docker container using
    cd /var/discourse
    ./launcher enter app
  3. Get the host IP address from the container (try running sbin/ip route|awk '/default/ { print $3 }' from this Stack Overflow answer)
  4. Use the host IP address for DISCOURSE_SMTP_ADDRESS
  5. Start mailcatcher with mailcatcher --http-ip --smtp-ip
  6. Rebuild your docker container
  7. If you ignored my notice above, get a real transactional email system. Try Mailgun or SendGrid for a start