Mailing list emails not sending consistently

(Christian Kindel) #1

We’ve been having issues with Mailing List Mode on our Discourse site. We only have about 10 people who have enabled this feature so far, but the emails are not consistently sent to them. Looking through the sent email logs we can see a number of occasions when the message only sends to some of these users, with no log anywhere I can find of the email failing. The SMTP server logs show no indication of receiving the messages either.

Now, I can’t guarantee that there aren’t any issues with our SMTP server setup, but if this was the case I would expect to see error messages consistent with the missing emails, and I haven’t really seen that. There have been a few that are clearly related to email in the logs page on our site, but they have not consistently appeared when emails weren’t sent. Here are the related error messages: discourse_email_errors.txt (9.6 KB)

We had another issue last month where almost all emails were failing. I don’t think this is directly related, because that one has been cleared up (went away when we uninstalled a plugin that was causing other issues) but I did notice that the mailing list emails did not queue up in sidekiq when they failed. Other messages did, and when email functionality was restored they were sent out, but the mailing list emails were gone forever.

So I have two questions currently:

  • Why don’t maling list emails get queued up in sidekiq like other messages?
  • How do I get to the root of the missing emails when there are not consistent errors when emails don’t send?

Thanks for reading, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help get these issues sorted out.

(Andy Logan) #2

I guess the first thing I would check is in the user preferences, did they check send email even when active on the site? I had that issue with a few users who missed emails because they were responding on the desktop site and hadn’t had that checked, I think it was a 10 minute window between last seen and sending email.

(Christian Kindel) #3

Yes, I should have mentioned that I have checked the user settings when investigating the missing emails. The users in question have it set up to send emails even when they are active on the site, and don’t like to use the site anyways. Emails that are not sent due to these user settings will show up in the ‘Skipped’ section of the emails logs, which I have also checked.

(Christian Kindel) #4

After looking at the error logs some more I realized that I had overlooked the numbers associated with the log entries. It appears that these are a count of the number of occurrences of this particular error? And the time is just the time of the latest instance?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Sorry, I am unclear what you’re asking now?

(Christian Kindel) #6

Just want to clarify the behavior of the /logs page; I couldn’t find documentation. I had originally assumed that each individual error would be logged in the order that they occurred, but it looks like instead it groups identical errors and just gives you a count of how many times they have occurred along with the date and time of the last occurrence. Is this correct?