Make dates more visible on old topics

(Juan Manuel Formoso) #1

A few times now, I’ve read a topic only to realise a few posts in that it’s from match '13 and probably completely irrelevant to the state the engine is now.
More so in this forum that since we are in beta, everything changes fast.

I don’t know how, but IMO dates should be more visible on “old topics” (perhaps how old could be configured somehow, adding an ageing visual cue, putting the created date near the title only on those topics, or something like that)

(Kane York) #2

I’ve been thinking about this too - and something that I thought up was that when you’re going through old posts, something that you may miss when just looking at absolute dates is gaps.

E.g., it is in fact pertinent that post #5 was 4 days after post #4. The current UI only shows that these both happened in July of some year.

So, it might be interesting to see something like this:

(Jeff Atwood) #3

We did gaps like that on Stack Exchange chat.

Not sure it would help in this case, since he’s just looking at the old dates, not gaps. Note that we have coldmaps on topic lists for this very reason…

So pay attention to the ice, ice baby… too cold, too cold

(Juan Manuel Formoso) #4

I came here to discuss, not to think

(Daniel Tobias) #5

Why is it that modern web-based discussions tend to show post dates in such a vague, cryptic, and often relative rather than absolute manner? Old-school stuff, from e-mail to Usenet to dialup BBS message sections, simply showed exact-to-the-second timestamps, a very straightforward method (though time zones and daylight saving time could be an issue in interpreting them). New stuff has to get cute about it, and say stuff like “6 hours ago”, which is useless on printouts or screen shots.

(Sam Saffron) #6

I don’t know 31-01-2003 06:22 +0 on every post everywhere is indeed old skool, but way too verbose.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #7

Web-based discussion forums are not designed to support off-line reading, thus the effects on printouts and screen captures are not taken into account. They just don’t address those issues at all, intentionally.

(Kane York) #8

I’m pretty sure that when I print a topic, it’s going to have absolute dates:

(Jeff Atwood) #9

This is now implemented – you will see date gaps of > 7 days called out in topics. This can be adjusted via a site setting.

(Jeff Atwood) #10