Make discourse location based like craigslist

(Fatih Doğru) #1

Hello dear developers and users. I want to make discourse location based like craigslist. But not with gps. just users chose their country manually. How can I do it simply ?. I want to add a country choosing page after sign up page but routes.rb is very confusing.

(Kane York) #2

There have been requests of this in the past, but not much developer will to make it.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Probably easiest to implement this with tags. Assumes users will tag their posts with the correct locations, though.

A plugin to pre-fill the tags with location stuff based on browser IP detection would probably not be too hard.

(Kane York) #4

Remember that you can also ask the browser for its location. This works on all mobile devices, and Chrome on computers with Wi-Fi.

(Fábio Machado De Oliveira) #5

If your users will choose the country manually, I would use categories for each country, and change the landing page for the categories page. It can be done with Discourse as it is today.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Once you have “hundreds” of categories this becomes unsustainable though. For say… a few dozen locations… that might work OK.

(Kane York) #7

You might find it best to start out with wide geographical areas, and combine areas with low activity & split areas with high activity. Otherwise you get the problem where nobody posts in the North Dakota category.

(Christopher Heald) #8

Take a look at GEO Tagging ability for topics.

(Fatih Doğru) #9

Thank you to all of you my friends :slight_smile: But I think I will try to change routing system