Making it clearer how to edit a wiki post

(Cyrus Stoller) #1

I’ve had a few users ask me how to edit wiki posts. They’ve been getting a little confused.

What do you guys think about making it so that the fa fa-pencil-square-o fa-3x icon under the user avatar is clickable? People seem to think that by clicking on that they will be able to edit wiki posts.

Alternatively adding an additional link in the top right corner for editing, possibly inside the wiki history modal??

Improving usability of wiki post editing?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Oh that’s a great idea. @eviltrout is it a lot of work to make the wiki icon equivalent to clicking the edit pencil on the bottom of the post? Can we make that so?

(Robin Ward) #3

Not hard, just committed this:

(James Milligan) #4

I wonder if it might be possible to add a hovertext on that? Perhaps “This wiki post is editable by anyone”?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I told @sam to add hovertext to this weeks ago but it was forgotten. @eviltrout can you do the needful?

(Robin Ward) #6

Sure, just did it.

(probus) #7

Anonymous users see this as a link as well, btw. The cursor changes into hand and you get the same hovertext, but nothing happens if I click it.

(Robin Ward) #8

Good catch, I’ve fixed it here:

(Jeff Atwood) #10