Making location compulsary

(Tom Wrench) #1

I’m wanting new users to disclose their location on sign-up (preferably from a dropdown menu with preset towns). I see there is a location field in a user’s profile - is there a way to make this visible (and compulsory) on the sign up screen with such preset options from a dropdown?



Not that I know of.
You could add a custom user field (/admin/customize/user_fields) and set that to ‘Required at signup?’.

Drop down selections are not available yet but it is being considered for a future release:

[quote=“eviltrout, post:12, topic:20799”]
Are different profile field types on the roadmap (other than text field), like dropdowns and multi-select checkboxes?

You’re the second person to ask for dropdowns in user fields this week, actually

We’re quite busy but I plan on bringing it up on our call next week and maybe we can schedule the feature.[/quote]

(Marcin Rataj) #3

I see that similar feature was requested and implemented for “full name” field:

Perhaps same could be added for ‘location’ (or and other ‘default’ profile fields)?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Full name is quite different as it appears on the signup form as an optional input. Location does not.