Making user group private

What is the best way to make a group of users hidden from other users so that their conversations are private and they are able to see categories that no one else can see?

Ideally they should be able to see users in the open community and open categories, and maybe even converse with them if the privatized user initiates the dialogue, but general community users should not be able to see their profiles or their existence on the site, and other private groups should remain private.

Edit the category permissions so only that group can see the given category.

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Thanks. That answers part of the question, but actually that is easy to figure out from the Security settings on any Category. What I am not clear about is how to privatize groups as I’ve described.

So you want to hide those users from public user lists?

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Yes - I would like to hide members of a group from public user lists and from other private groups. But, I would also like these private group members to be able to see public users and be able to join conversations in the public forum or initiate conversations with public users while remaining hidden from public user lists. At this point, unless there is a cloaking feature, the private users’ UN would become known to the public users who are in these conversations. However, nirvana would be for admins to be able to decide if a) the private user’s UN would be cloaked when conversing with public users (thus only resolvable within a thread initiated by the private user), b) the private user would only be able to view public posts but be blocked from posting or messaging to the public forum, or c) the private user’s UN is visible and addressable to public users that view conversations or messages the private user has joined.

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