Malformed mention HTML results in odd user card behavior

(Matches) #1
<a <class="mention">sam <a <class="mention">eviltrout

<a <class="mention">sam <class="mention">eviltrout

<a <class=“mention”>sam <a <class=“mention”>eviltrout

<a <class=“mention”>sam <class=“mention”>eviltrout

(Kane York) #2

Rendered HTML:

<div class="cooked">
          <pre><code>&lt;a &lt;class="mention"&gt;sam &lt;a &lt;class="mention"&gt;eviltrout

&lt;a &lt;class="mention"&gt;sam &lt;class="mention"&gt;eviltrout</code></pre>

<p><a class="mention">sam </a><a class="mention">eviltrout

</a></p><p><a class="mention">sam eviltrout</a></p><p></p>

I… suppose that makes sense, it’s a pretty sensible way to interpret that malformed HTML, and there is no user named sam eviltrout.

(Matches) #3

For the first example, click on sam - then click on eviltrout

Then for the second example, click anywhere.

(lid) #4

Make mention with a resource the is 404:

  1. Close the box automatically
  2. Change the message to user does not exists.

(Matches) #5

2 is less confusing to the end user.

(Jeff Atwood) #6