Mandatory "Terms of Use" confirmation for existing users


Hi All

I managed to create a mandatory checkbox for TERMS of USE confirmation via Settings/ Customize / User Fields so that all new users who who want to create a new account must click the checkbox to agree to terms of use before they can obtain an account.

This is working great, however, it only works for NEW users (unless I have overlooked some other settings). My forum has imported existing users from another platform and these existing users can still continue to login and use the forum without agreeing to my site’s Terms of Use.

Can someone create a code or some kind of plugin that will activate the next time an existing user logins to his account, and will prompt the user to agree to Terms of Use before they can proceed further to use the rest of the forum?

If this is possible, can you give me an estimate how much this would cost?


CSS customizations + mandatory custom field
(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

This is not a trivial problem to solve. Perhaps instead of the plugin you describe, an acceptable solution would be:

  • developer writes a query that returns all users who have not agreed to your ToS (i.e. that field is not checked in their profile)
  • add those users to a group
  • PM that group, prompting them to agree (and let them know that as long as they’re not in compliance with your ToS, their posts may be removed)

You could also give this group special styling so that whenever a non-agreeing user posts something, you’ll immediately notice.

(Jeff Atwood) #5