Manifest error, icons src empty

Hi, I have installed a new Discourse using the discourse_docker with a specific configuration (using subfolder). Everything is working fine except I have an error in my webmanifest:

Error while trying to use the following icon from the Manifest: (Download error or resource isn't a valid image)

Here’s my manifest content:


Icons src properties are empty, I don’t know why because in my parameters, I have uploaded a manifest icon, I tried to rebuild using ./launcher rebuild app. Didn’t change anything. I also tried to override in discourse.conf site_manifest_icon_url but it doesn’t work either.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

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Is your manifest icon a valid png file?

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Yes it is, a little larger than 512x512 but it says that the image will be resized.

If there is a way to disable the manifest feature it’s fine for me, I don’t really need it and I actually only want to get rid of the error.

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