Manipulating database directly

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Hello Team,

I am new to discourse dev, actually i wanted to implement per topic permissions ( which is not supported yet) so I started hacking and was able to able to do it by manipulating the database directly. So i wanted to know if there can be any implications to this approach ? ( P.S I am using my customized repo which is based on the latest version as of now, so getting future updates will not be required)

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I think you may have answered your own question

In other words, you are no longer running Discourse, but your own fork of Discourse.

I am a bit confused, you posted

yet you are confident enough to take over the code base with no guarantee that you will get support help in the event of any problems? You won’t mind not getting any future feature enhancements or bug fixes?

IMHO you would be better off not forking Discourse, but to do whatever you did as a Pull Request or a plugin and keep your Discourse up-to-date.

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i guess so, I am taking one problem at a time so will get to it when i run into it.

" You won’t mind not getting any future feature enhancements or bug fixes?"
"IMHO you would be better off not forking Discourse,"
are you able to share the possible implications of this approach other than getting updates ?

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I can’t speak for the Discourse Team, but a common fix for problems is “make sure you are on latest”.

If you are running your own fork of Discourse, AFAIK essentially “your problems are your own”.

That is, you are free to take the code in any direction you desire, but the code is now your responsibility.

What was the query you ran to alter the permissions?

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I strongly suggest that you try to build your feature in a plugin. Being on your own fork means that you will be in a world of pain every time you’ll have to upgrade…