Manual backup options


Hi All, can someone tell me how can I generate a manual backup for my forum?

In the past when I was on a php based forum, I would normally access either CPanel or MyphpAdmin to export a backup. I am using Discoursehosting and was told such options are no longer relevant for Discourse.

So right now all I know is to login to my discourse forum as ADMIN, then go to SETTINGS / BACKUP.

Is this the ONLY way to generate a backup under discourse?

I know my host does regular backups but as an added security I would like to generate my own backup as well on a regular basis. Wonder if ADMIN / SETTINGS / BACKUP is the only way to create my own backup.


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Yes, this is the only backup you need.

However, keep in mind, that backups only works if you keep a copy outside the main server, in case your server gets hit by a disaster, you can provision a server elsewhere, upload your backup and restore.


@Falco THANKS Rafael !! Yes, I always save the backups that I manually generated on an external USB drive.

(EW 👌) #4

What about self hosted Discourse. Specially now a days as you know we have a problem to do backup through the Admin/Backup. (It’s temporary I know but its still an important necessity for now or for any future occurrence). Recently, I’m solving the issue by taking complete snapshot of the droplet. And that is bringing down the site for very long period. (and snapshot restore will effect every setup not only the users data)

Would be nice if there is any command line instruction to do the same manually!

(Neil Lalonde) #5

You can perform a backup from the command line using script/discourse. For example:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec ruby script/discourse backup

(EW 👌) #6

Thank you for your reply. I would like to have some more details;

  1. This command to be used inside the container (./launcher enter app) ?
  2. Where to find the generated backup zip file?
  3. Did this process will do full backup (including image’s files)?

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Non-issue, just use the browser. Problem you referred to is over.