Manuaully attempt to activate account, refuses login


Oh boy, well I will probably have a bunch of follow up posts, but really running into a lot of roadblocks getting a first container deployed!

Right now I am attempting to manually activate a user account to troubleshoot a starttls email issue, I ran through the steps outlined in another post to do this, but upon login I am still being prompted to respond to an activation email.

./launcher ssh app
rails c

Then I attempt to login and a window appears asking if I would like to resend the activation email, which I cannot do at the moment. I plan to create a new thread to help troubleshoot that issue if the admin logs do not reveal anything. Thank you for any support.

I should add that the app has already attempted to send a confirmation email, it’s just not using the ssl cert or starttls even after appending:


I used:

./launcher destroy app

attempting to wipe the db, but I’ll have to look for the correct entry, as that left it in tact.


Alright I went ahead and rm -rf shared/standalone and retried the process. After doing this I was able to bootstrap again and manually enable the account.