Many Emails bounce as Spam


quite a few of our mails bounce. They get rejected as SPAM. The only issue I can find with Mail-Tester is that the the avatar image still doesn’t contain an alt- attribute.

I contacted the known providers but the issue seems to persist. After contacting ATT for example it works for few days and then the mails bounce again.

Most of our users use the forum in mailing list mode and I wondered if the forum simply sends to many mails within a to short time frame.

I also found that digital ocean seems to have a spam issue.

What points should I check, too?

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What mail delivery service is sending your mail? This is an issue to take to whoever runs your mail server.

Though mail delivery is not one of my areas of expertise if you’re in mailing list mode then you could be getting dinged for open rate.


This is not advisable, unless your users REALLY want that many emails…


Actually the community is used to mailing lists and has an average age of 50+. With time the community might get younger but the oldies don’t want to use the online platform.

Anyway. SPF, DKIm are working, the mail server isn’t in any known list of spammers. I contacted all the mail providers of our members that bounced. But is there anything I can do from the side of the forum?

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Do as @pfaffman suggests. Work with the email service provider you are using. Contact their support and explain the situation. Your Discourse is not exposed directly to the email ‘network’, the sending IPs involved are theirs.

Aside from settings that affect frequency of sending I don’t believe this should be classed as a Discourse issue.