"Mark all read" button on all New and Unread topics

(André Mestre) #1

Really need this button, i actively use forums.inovaestudios.com and when i go check for New or Unread topics i get dozens of topics i already read or know/visited that i have no way to get rid off that list.

So when i click on Unread i get more than 30 topics, i need to have a “Mark all read” button to mark them all as read so next time i click Unread it will show up as “Unread (0)” and have no unread topics (unless new topics are added since).

Right now i can’t use that forum and have no way of finding the topics i am interested to participate in.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I moved a post to a new topic: Closing topics should not result in phantom unread posts

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Are these topics where you have

  1. Posted a reply to the topic

  2. Just read the topic

  3. Are new and you have never even entered the topic

If the answer is 1, that is more complicated. If the answer is 2, I suggest editing your user preferences so you track topics you read less. But I need more information from you.

We view a “mark all read” button as utter design failure and are unlikely to implement that.

(Kane York) #4

Or, how about being able to untrack the topic from that screen? Hmm… sounds like part of that “bulk operations on topics” thing I heard about earlier…

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Yes, we desperately need to get to that. Muting a bunch of topics at once should be supported.

Still need more info on the specific user patterns here to be sure though.

(F. Randall Farmer) #6

I mute a LOT of topics - and sure enough, the 'closed" post of something I muted gets starred on new content lists.

(André Mestre) #7

[quote=“codinghorror, post:3, topic:11434, full:true”]
Are these topics where you have

Posted a reply to the topic
Just read the topic
Are new and you have never even entered the topic
If the answer is 1, that is more complicated. If the answer is 2, I suggest editing your user preferences so you track topics you read less. But I need more information from you.

We view a “mark all read” button as utter design failure and are unlikely to implement that.
[/quote]Hmm… i think there’s a bit of confusion, perhaps i haven’t expressed myself well.

This is what i feel i need, i’m sure some of it is how it already works now but i want to be thorough:

On the “New (33)” category only NEW topics are displayed, if i press “Mark all as read” it should no longer display those topics in that category ever again. I really don’t feel like opening each 33 of those topics just tell the system i’ve seen them. Only topics that have been created since the last time i visited should be here (assuming i clicked “mark all read” last time).

On the “Unread (18)” category i feel it should only show topics that have new replies i haven’t seen with a blue <5> number next to the topic showing how many replies i haven’t read, if i press “Mark all as read” then all those unseen replies should be counted as “read” and those topics should be removed from “Unread” until someone else adds a new reply. Again i don’t feel i should be opening every single of those 18 topics just to tell the system i’ve seen them. Manually “Tracking/Watching” a topic should pin said topics to Unread and those would never be removed until manually “Untracked/Unwatched”.

If a New topic is created and is called “my puppy is now 1 year old!” i am really not interested in readind that. Now imagine 70% of all new topics are like that. A button to mark them all as read would be really good.

TLDR: Can i fix this by simply saying “Automatically track topics I enter: never”? What about topics i have replied to? What if i have replied to 10 different topics but am no longer interested in tracking them, do i have to manually untrack every single one of them?

So how about these buttons: “Mute all topics”, “Mute selected topics”, “Mark all as Regular”, “Mark selected as Regular”? Maybe i am simply unfamiliar with Discourse and don’t know how to configure it properly :expressionless:

(André Mestre) #8

I can’t edit my post so there’s just one thing: Unread should only show topics i’ve visited or replied to ofc, I want to be able to remove topics from “New” without putting them into “Unread” later.

For now i’ve changed Automatically track topics I enter to “never”.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Set your new interval in your user prefs. The default is for new to be topics you have not entered that are 2 days old or less. So eventually these topics won’t e new any more without you doing anything. If nobody posts any new topics in the forum for 4 days, for example, your new list would be empty in a few days. In your user prefs, you can set the definition of new to nothing, only things since your last visit, 1 day old, 7 days old, etcetera.

Same thing applies to tracking.

Basically, you need to visit your user preferences.

(and we also do need a batch facility which lets you take an action on 30-100-1000 topics at once, whether it is mute or close or whatever.)

Why can’t you edit your post? Just click the edit (pencil) icon on your post.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

@eviltrout we should fix this – if a topic is muted I don’t think close messages (or any sort of staff message) should show them as new messages.

(André Mestre) #11

Thanks. I didn’t have an edit button at the time, don’t know why, bugged/glitched? I have it now. Anyway, i’ve set both of those options to “never”.

And yes the batch facility is what i was asking, “mark all as read” is one of them :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kevin P. Fleming) #12

The point being made here is that you don’t want “mark all read”, because that indicates that you want to notified about new posts in those threads in the future, but you don’t want that. What @codinghorror has mentioned is the ability to ‘mute’ (untrack) threads in a single operation, which would do what you want.

I agree that ‘mark all read’ would be quite bad; that means the user has a bunch of threads that they are supposedly tracking, but aren’t reading. Marking those posts as read is wrong, because the user did not read them.

(Jeff Atwood) #13

Good news: as of today, you can now dismiss read topics via the “Dismiss Read” button at the bottom of the Unread tab.

Note that this changes all the topics on your unread list from “tracking” or “watching” state to “regular” state. So you won’t see new post counts on any of those topics again once you press the Dismiss Read button.

A similar Dismiss New button is coming to the new page next week.

Dismiss-button in Unread
(Lee_Ars) #14

I’m sure there’s a technical reason for this, but the main reason I’ve been looking forward to this is to avoid having to play “hunt the gray post” in topics where my eyeballs have read all posts, but Discourse thinks I’ve not. If pressing the button also knocks the topic from watching to regular, that makes it a nuclear-option kind of button.

(Sam Saffron) #15

I think the phrasing needs to be corrected there:

It’s “Stop Tracking” not “Dismiss Read”

“Dismiss Read” does not really imply you never want to get notifications (unless explicitly mentioned) from these topics anymore.

Either that or the functionality should just reset top read post on these topics.

Ability to mark as read
(Jeff Atwood) #16

I don’t think there is any difference in practice. The way it was described to me on multiple forums – including by Robin and Neil on BBS – it is truly a “I do not care about these topics any more” button. Not “I hate these topics”, which would be mute, but “I have lost interest in these topics”. That is regular state, exactly. So the behavior and terminology is correct.

And @Lee_Ars unwanted grey counts is a different problem. I recommend you always scroll to the bottom of topics, to the pot of suggested topics gold at the end of the reading rainbow. See if that helps first.

People are not asking for a “stop tracking” button, they will not understand that terminology. They are on the unread tab and no longer care about reading those topics. Look at all the titles of topics in this forum, they all use the “mark read” terminology too. They may mean stop tracking but, again, no match with terminology there at all.

(Ken) #17

I’ll readily admit that I thought that button did something completely different.

It appears on the Unread tab, so I guessed it meant “Dismiss, read” as in shorthand for “Dismiss these posts, marking them as read.”

But I’m about as far from a Discourse power user as you can get (but very familiar with several of the currently more common forum packages).

(Jeff Atwood) #18

You will now see a Dismiss New button at the bottom of the New tab:

Clicking or tapping that button does two things

  1. Clears all “New” topics so they are no longer considered New to you.

  2. Only topics created after you last Dismissed New will now be considered new to you.

I hope that helps. Enjoy!

(Kevin P. Fleming) #19

I just used this for the first time, and I must say a heartfelt thank you!

One nit though: I tried to find this thread by searching for ‘Dismiss New’ and it did not show up in the search results at all. I assume that must be because both occurrences of that string in the post are actually in images.

(Robin Ward) #20

I also only pushed the feature out quietly at the end of the day yesterday, so it’s super new right now :slight_smile: Once we talk about it a bit more I’m sure searching will not be a problem.