Markdown for beginner users


(Justin Gordon) #1

What’s been the feedback so far on the editor from really novice computer users? Any disadvantages found for enabling markdown? If you were building an app that needed to support very basic users that post only occasionally, such as a simple social network site, would you include Markdown? I LOVE Markdown, but I also love Ruby, JavaScript, and org-mode!

Can this editor be used in non-discourse applications? Is it reusable? Anybody ever try to make it work with reactjs or jQuery?

@codinghorror did this topic come up when designing the original UX?


(Michael Downey) #2

Our users aren’t computer novices, but they weren’t particularly familiar with Markdown when getting started with Discourse. They’ve not had problems per se. It’s mostly been people unaware of undocumented features & formatting methods.

(Mittineague) #3

Being a web dev forum, the biggest problem I’ve seen is with copy-paste code examples containing hash comments and / or variables with underscores eg.

# a comment 
$_POST['whatever'] = $some_var;

a comment

$_POST[‘whatever’] = $some_var;

IMHO the real problem in many cases is that the members don’t look at their post and notice it’s foobar

(Jeff Atwood) #4

We mention this a bunch of places, and I encourage everyone else to as well: