Markdown headers not working as before


since we updated to the last version v2.0.0.beta3 +36 our whole forum with thousands of topics looks now a bit weird because the markdown does not work like before. It requires now a space between the # and the text to transform it into a headline. It was not like that before and almost all of our topics look now like this:



This is really a problem.

Also adding html does not seem to work anymore which also makes a lot of our old topics with important info look weird now.

Any suggestions how to fix this?

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See The #Header markdown syntax stop working

As for the HTML markup, can you provide examples?


Mmh. Thanks for the link. Well for us it is not “rare affected posts” - fixing by hand will require quite some work – where to start? We have also created a bunch of resources like videos teaching ppl. how to use the forum and it is all broke now. We are a voluntary project with limited resources. And this is a bummer :frowning:

And for the html part:

I used to write


to get more space between the lines. Which is not working anymore.

Also centering things with similar code is not working anymore.

And here is another problem: This is a screenshot from our forum. It used to be a solid grey block. And now it looks like this. Not just on this topic which is a key topic on our forum:


So if you know a way to fix this, it would be really helpful.

Discourse switched to the actual standard, CommonMark, which changed some of the parsing, as such, older topics can/might have some issues.

For uses of <div> and centering text, you likely need to install/modify the Formatting toolbar plugin, it will give you additional HTML components you can use.

Sadly, I don’t really see many other options than doing a global find a replace to fix situations that broke, such as, the headers and maybe that quoteblock.


And record a new video for all our not tech savvy users (the video has several views per day)

… and all the other stuff



If someone of you happen to know why these changes were necessary I would be curious. It would help to deal with the consequences.

GitHub also has that problem, you can find a lot of repositories where the documentation isn’t rendered properly. I wasn’t aware that a non-space was even possible though.

How about some SQL and sed magic then? If #([\w+\s+]*) matches and extracts, replace it with whitespaces and extracted string.