Marking *all* new topics as new?

(mountain) #1

I tried searching for an answer to this but came up empty. I also put this in support because my first guess is that this feature I’m asking for already exists. Only the wording in the user-cp is confusing me.

I realize that not all new topics are marked with any kind of indicator or tag on the topic listing. I don’t know if this is a bug or by design based on some configuration or even a browsing habit the forum is picking up and it is trying to serve me a ux it thinks I want.

Here’s my current user-cp settings which I feel are relevant to this:

Option to track all new posts
(Jens Maier) #2

If you want indicators for all new posts, just set auto-track to always. Newly created topics will be untracked but appear as , but after you’ve viewed them the first time they’ll be tracked and you get indicator bubbles for all unread posts.

I think the intention behind the default settings is that users on busy forums won’t care about every single topic or post, just the ones that are new or ones they’ve already spent some time in (or have tracked manually).

(mountain) #3

Thank you for the response! However, I am concerned that my confusion no doubt indicates that the ui for that might need a slight change to indicate that. Or perhaps it can be added to the “welcome” PM every new user receives.

(Jens Maier) #4

Hum, okay, so what’d you suggest? I think the profile UI is pretty clear… :grin:

(mountain) #5

“Automatically track topics I enter”

The problem with that is I never entered these topics to begin with.

That’s why I’m stuck on offering a suggestion because I am unsure what the drop-down is for in the first place, with that kind of wording. I thought the drop-down meant that it was giving me a choice to have the system auto-track any topics I physically enter.

(Jens Maier) #6

I thought the drop-down meant that it was giving me a choice to have the system auto-track any topics I physically enter.

Yes, that’s precisely what it does. It auto-tracks topics you’ve physically entered and spent more than X amount of time in; “always” is basically just an alias for the X=0 case. Perhaps “immediately” would be clearer?

The problem with that is I never entered these topics to begin with.

Yes, topics you’ve never entered are governed by the second dropdown; those are highlighted with the “new” indicator, they don’t get post bubbles.

Basically, as far as the topic list is concerned, topics can have three states: new, visited and tracked. New topics have the indicator, visited ones have no indicator and tracked topics get post bubbles.

From your perspective, a topic starts out as “new”. It becomes “visited” when you view it or the “Consider topics new when” time has elapsed. It becomes tracked either manually or after you’ve spent “Automatically track topics I enter” seconds viewing it.
Thus, if auto-track is set to “always” and consider new is set to “until viewed”, topics will never be “visited”, the only state in which they have no indicators in the topic list. :smiley:

(mountain) #7

Yes, I think that is a better alternative. ‘Always’ is a more ‘general state of being’ and less decisive. It’s not a very good action word methinks.

I feel the entire question and drop-down could be worded better altogether but it’s not a huge concern. The ‘always’ is what confused me.

Yes! Exactly that.


Okay, that makes a lot more sense. I had no idea these options had a kind of synergy with each other.


I don’t see that option for the ‘consider new’ drop-down. Unless you mean “I haven’t viewed them yet”?

(Jens Maier) #8

Yes, that. :sweat_smile:

(mountain) #9

(I’ll wake up, eventually.)

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Errrrrr what? This just depends on your new setting. Default is to show newly created topics as new for two days, or until you enter them.

(mountain) #11

My old settings are listed above in my OP. I noticed that yes, not all topics were marked new, or unread, or anything. I sometimes come across topics that are hours old and I never knew they existed. It only happened on the main listing, not the listing at the bottom of each individual topic page.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Are you muting any categories? I can’t think of any reason a new topic would not show up as new.

(mountain) #13

Discourse Hub, Login and Translations. Those are muted.

Today, before I changed my settings as shown above in this topic, I ‘found’ this thread. It wasn’t marked on the ‘latest’ page but it was clearly one I haven’t seen before.

That, I suppose, was the proverbial bit of straw. Hence, the creation of this topic. (In fact, check this topic’s creation time versus the creation time of this post.)

That was one topic of many, many, many I have ‘found’ and being dumbfounded why I didn’t see it marked somehow on the ‘latest’ page. I also check new and unread but I don’t use them as much since I do like to read every single topic marked ‘new’ and I get to them from ‘latest’. Even if just to drop in for a second to get a gist of the OP.

It’s been going on for a long while and me always being a bit absent-minded just glossed it over. The Adderall-induced focus I’ve had very recently might be the contributing factor to finally saying something about it today.

If you need any kind of repros or anything else, I will cooperate. Please tell me if there’s anything specific you want (or any other devs who are reading this).

(Jeff Atwood) #14

Did you look at the edit history on that topic? I think you should. HINT HINT

(mountain) #15

Was it from a muted category? All I see is that the OP added an extra paragraph. The topic is at least one day old. I don’t have any setting to my knowledge (before the new settings discussed in this thread) that would have the system not mark it.

(I know a hint when I see it, thank you.)

Also, for the sake of making this known: if this is a simple case of “user is dumb” then simply say so and kindly explain why it is the way it is so I may understand it.

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Hmm maybe that wasn’t the one I was thinking of. Someone put a weird topic in Discourse Hub recently, I recategorized it, and I thought that might have been the one as it is suitably weird.

Sorry, could not view edits on ie11 touch cc: @zogstrip so I wasn’t able to verify.

I’m not aware of any other reasons new topics would not be marked new, other than being in a muted category. Hasn’t ever been reported on any Discourse instance I’ve ever seen, either. And of course I have entered virtually every topic here created all time, and I can’t ever recall seeing a topic that I wasn’t aware of originally at the time of creation due to being marked new.

“New when not yet viewed” is a straightforward check; did you enter the topic yet or not? Possible it is buggy, I guess, but nobody has ever reported that, either.

It’s also possible there was a weird edit collision if the OP edited at the same time as me during the grace period maybe? I distinctly remember a bizarre topic in Discourse Hub recently and I know I recategorized it. That would absolutely have caused you not to see it, but you’d also know if that was the case since the notifications control at the bottom of the topic would say “muted due to category blah blah”.

Meh, tested on try, all seems OK. Not sure, but I guarantee you that topics that start out in a muted category and are recategorized somewhere else will still be muted for you.

(Kane York) #17

Here’s something that @purldator might be running into: signing up does something equivalent to pressing the Dismiss New button, so topics that are created before you signed up are never new.

(Mittineague) #18

Are you confusing Tracking with Watching a Category? I know I had to read it a few times before I grasped the difference.

You will automatically watch all new topics in these categories. You will be notified of all new posts and topics, plus the count of unread and new posts will also appear next to the topic’s listing.
You will automatically track all new topics in these categories. A count of unread and new posts will appear next to the topic.

(Jeff Atwood) #19

No, the referenced topic was from a few days ago, not months or years ago.

(mountain) #20

Precisely that.

Whenever I make a new account at a forum, I always mark all existing threads as ‘read’ for the exact reason @riking mentioned. All these ‘found’ threads were hours, days, weeks old, depending on when I ‘find’ them.

I usually come across them by the discovery topic list at the bottom of every topic. I started using that again after @codinghorror mentioned it when a bug was fixed in regards to it. Or, sometimes someone will link to one of these topics as a reference.

It’s like me finding the extra bag of chips in the pantry I completely forgot were there then I get this ‘when did I buy this?’ question rearing its head in my mind.