Mass-close old topics based on last activity

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Quite a while ago, we added the auto-close setting to basically all of our categories on IFC and it’s working great.
However, we sometimes notice that people are bumping really old topics to no use. Most of the times the users don’t realize they’re bumping a 3 year old topic. We just manually close them when that happens. But it would be nice to act a bit preemptive.

I know we can manually close a pretty big amount of topics just by manually selecting each topic, press the wrench and select “Close”. This works great for smaller categories, but it’s a pain for larger ones.

Is there any way to mass-close topics in certain categories in a more straight forward way based on last activity?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Press edit on the category, select auto-close option for all topics.

(Sebastian) #3

It’s already there.
And that only affects topics created from the moment “Auto-Close” is activated. I’m talking about topics created before that moment.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Oh I see, you are deciding years after the fact to change the way a category behaves. You’ll need to run a SQL query to make that happen, for it to force auto-close on older topics that predate the change.

(Sebastian) #5

It’s always easy to realize needed changes way late :slight_smile:


(Daniela) #6

Hey @schyllberg, I’m running the query for you right now…it will take a while to complete the process

(Sebastian) #7

Oh, didn’t expect that.
Just noticed it :slight_smile: Thank you!

(Daniela) #8

All done now :wink: .

(Sebastian) #9

Thank you! Necroposting sure won’t be an issue for us anymore.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Can you share the commands for anyone else self hosted that wants to do this?

(Daniela) #11

We already have a How-to to auto-close topics retroactively (ie close the topics that were already created before the category was set to auto-close the topic after X time).

You know that our engineers are the best and are always a step ahead :star_struck:

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