Material Design Theme / editable for post background color


recently i have been struggling with theme component color to have similar look as imgur community ,

but I can not get this done with ( CSS Edit ) help would be glad

In practice, would you need a new color scheme to add to Material Design Stock Theme?

In this case you can fork the original project GitHub - discourse/material-design-stock-theme , edit the about.json file adding your new scheme color then you can upload the project forked on your discourse forum, or send a PR to the original project. The second choise is better because you can stay up-to-date in case the project is upgraded.

yes I have added new color scheme in material design stock theme .

  • primary
    Most text, icons, and borders.

  • secondary
    The main background color, and text color of some buttons.

font has to be same color as background, that’s the issue when applying

Share your complete scheme color or a link to your site

this is the setup , but post text are white so I can see only any color other than white

You need to add in that stylesheet:

.topic-body {
    color: black;

(change black with a hex color if you need)