MathJax or Discourse Issue?

(Markus) #1

I have two Discourse installations on different servers. One of them is showing me a white/blank page if MathJax is enabled. The other one doesn’t. The only difference between both installations is, that the other one hasn’t installed the latest 12 official commits. Have a look…

How can I fix this? Unfortunately, I really need LaTeX support on this page. It’s essential.

Thanks in advance!!!
Kind regards

Server #1 (with blank page, if MathJax is enabled)

Server #2 (without blank page, if MathJax is enabled)

The latest 12 commits:

(Sam Saffron) #2

what is the error, something is going to be showing up in console

(Markus) #3

On rebuild, everything on console looks fine. What log’s you’re looking for?

(Sam Saffron) #4

This console:

(Markus) #5

(Sam Saffron) #6

yeah @eviltrout removed that the other day, the plugin needs to use the new script loader

@Kasper this is quite urgent, maybe polyfill it in the plugin if you need backwards support.

Robin we should deprecate $LAB as opposed to straight removing it.

(Markus) #7

Hopefully, someone at the MathJax team (@Kasper) is caring about this issue too.

(Kasper Peulen) #8

I’m not from the MathJax team :smile: But I will look at it when I have my laptop back tomorrow.

So basicly I need to replace $LAB for loadscript, except if $LAB is still defined ?

(Robin Ward) #9

I didn’t even think that plugins might be using it. I’ll add back in a deprecation today.

(Markus) #10

It’s still not working under fb85d3c. :confused:

Update: Ahh ok, the latest commit wasn’t pulled. I’ll wait some time…

(Robin Ward) #11

That’s because that commit didn’t include my deprecation! You gotta give me more than 30 mins to get it done :smile:

This commit in Discourse puts back a mock $LAB object with deprecation warning that allows the plugin to work:

I also made a PR to Mathjax to update to the latest API so this isn’t needed.

(Kasper Peulen) #12

Okay, request pulled. Thanks @eviltrout really appreciated :beer:

(Markus) #13

Yeeeeesss. It’s working again. :beers: