May admins don't have any access to a user profile?

we have a user that when admins click on his personal profile, they go to this page:

this page doesn’t exist or you don’t have access!

the admin directory of the user is accessible though, but not his user card!

is there any setting in the user profile so that he makes his profile page even hidden from admins? what is the setting?

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Is the username unusual such that it would interfere with the constructed URL / path to that page?


there is another username very similar, and his profile is also unreachable.

one user name is “amirali” and the other is “amir.ali” (a dot is the difference).

but, usr1 is an active user (TL3) whose user-card and profile page became active this morning (came back to normal)! the other is an inactive user and his profile is still unreachable.

the avatars of unreachable profile is like this:

p.s: I have checked with usr1 (the TL3 user whose profile became inactive yesterday), and it seems that he had problem logging in with this error: “your username or password is incorrect”.

update 2: I just noted that this has happened for more than one active user! I mean users that has been tl2 or above. :frowning: they’d became like ghosts in our forum! 2 examples below (both were more or less active in our community):

@codinghorror sorry to bother you, I hope this problem doesn’t happen for any other user :point_down:

this is what has happened during the past 24 hours:

  • profile page and user card of usr1 (explained above) was in-accessible last night.
  • usr1 couldn’t login during that time.
  • usr1 profile became activated again (by the system itself) this morning.
  • we had some communication with usr1, checking if he has changed any setting or faced any problem recently.
  • his profile became inactivated again now! admins can’t change his username or go into his account, since the system says “this account doesn’t exist!”

nothing has been done by us (admins) or user himself!

somehow, some of our users become inactivated by the system randomly! (I’ve seen around 5-6 profiles so far).

I have updated the installation yesterday, and no new plugin has been installed during the past month.

any suggestion?

they are active users and it’ll be annoying not to be able to login to your profile.

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Are you using single sign on? Do you have staged accounts in your system due to incoming mail topics?

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no we are not.

yes we have.

Staged accounts are … special, and they can be auto invalidated, my guess is that a lot of these accounts with issues are staged?

no no, they are active users with recent reading time more than hours.