MediaWiki + Discourse integration

(Nikolay Vyahhi) #1

I would like to install MediaWiki as a subfolder into Discourse installation. Discourse is on, MediaWiki should be on I’ve bumped into following questions:

  1. How to exclude subfolder /var/www/discourse/wiki from being Discourse, so MediaWiki will be installed there.
  2. Is it possible to integrate Discourse and MediaWiki accounts somehow (except of e.g. third-party Open ID)?

Thank you.

(Ben T) #2

Number 1 is pretty simple, just write a location block in nginx that includes whatever you need for the external service. You could proxy-pass the connections to a mediawiki install, or re-write the URL, or do the handling of the mediawiki stuff.

location /wiki{
<some server stuff>

(Sam Saffron) #3

Technically it is possible now, but you are going to have to work through it, see:

(Sebastian) #4

Sorry to bring this up, but one helpful step to integrate the both, might actually be to make Mediawiki look more like Discourse. So it seems someone started an effort along these lines a while back

But that seems to be inactive. I wonder if there are skinning pros out there who could join the fella and help out bring it into active development…