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I am familiarizing myself with Discourse. One thing I have noticed is that the community seems to prefer the approach Discourse + Static Pages vs. Discourse + CMS/dinamic. I was wondering, what if I want users to be able to write articles/reports/posts? Sure, they could create a new topic, but I am talking about medium like articles here, with the possibility to have full width images and, overall, a nicer design for an article. Also, I would like users to be able to add media to those pages (files, gps tracks, etc.) and photo galleries.

Now, so far I could come up with 2 ways of doing this:

  • Separate dynamic website
  • Discourse plugin that allows users with a certain score to create static articles

Which one of the 2 options is advisable? And if it’s the second option, could you give me some high level directions on how to structure such a Discourse plugin?

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This sounds very much like a wordpress+discourse combination:

Seems to me this may be just what you’re looking for (separate dynamic website with discourse driving comments:

Just one example:


That could work. The problem I see with this approach, though, is users. I would like all users that achieve a certain status (points) in the community to be able to create an article.

Let me share a case scenario - a community of tour kayakers (multi day kayak trips). You come back from a 2 weeks kayak trip (like I just did), you would like to share:

  • a video
  • photos
  • gps tracks (with important POI’s such as supermarkets)
  • a write up
  • general advise to get around in the area

This way you have a nice report of your trip + you give robust advise to anybody who wants to do a similar trip + you might find other people that might join you or invite you to other trips.

So, this is sort of the use I am looking for. For that I need to allow all users with a certain status to create an article with pictures and other media. But many communities have this need in my opinion. Another one, a community of finance guys might need a way to share excel templates with some documentation, similar need of user created static pages. Yes, topics in Discourse can do it too, but I just think that sometimes you want a different design for the first comment in a topic or a static article.

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You could use css to customize the look of a single category - center its content, hide some of the controls, style replies so that they are visually distinguished from the original post.

If, instead, you used WordPress for your static articles you could allow your users to create articles either with a form on the front end, or by giving them limited access to the WordPress admin area.

We built a static blog with Discourse as the backend

Just wanted to point out that there is a nice discussion in the post below, this might be a third, more viable solution to what I need: