Meetup events functionality


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What do you guys think of having “Meetup” functionality in Discourse?
This extension will boost Discourse communities a lot by combination of online & offline activities.

There are many events listing services out there, and can be a nice example:
(I think simplified version of events listing feature will be enough. No need to be this much.)

(Sigurður Guðbrandsson) #2

Here’s my 2¢

I would simply create a event and link to that … if you fancy writing a plugin that will embed or iframe so I could press “Join” or something without leaving Discourse, then that would be cool…

But honestly, onebox is already handling this really well, like you see in the example below:


Thank you for this easy and quick solution. Haha :smile:

Maybe this onebox is enough.

Of course it will be awesome if Discourse itself can handle events.


I just discovered this site,

They have forum, blog, and meetup features.

Forum users can create own groups for activities and they can handle events schedule through built in system. No need to sign up for external services. It seems good :wink: