Members only Category

I’d like to use discourse to create a category of premium content for

In other words, I’d like the category content to be hidden to unregistered users.

I’d also like to invite any subscribers to my mailing list to this category.

Maybe I should create a special group, and invite all current members by exporting and pasting emails? And then I’ll periodically have do this, and Discourse will be smart enough to skip registered users?

Any better way?

Any way to integrate a signup with my mailing list using


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@sam @codinghorror @eviltrout, do you know if a members-only category is currently feasible?

You’ve got a lot going on in this request so it’s not entirely clear what you’re specifically looking for. But based on what I can tell, you need a category hidden from anyone who you haven’t granted access to it. With that in mind…

I’d create a group of users and use that group to set the security of the category such that no one can see it unless you are either an admin or a member of that group. So unregistered users won’t see and neither will members who aren’t in the group.

For the invite piece, you can grant group access as part of the invite.


@joebuhlig Is there a way to automatically grant a group membership to a new signup? Or do I have do this manually?

You can allow users to join/leave on their own in the group setup. Or you can automatically assign a group based on the domain of the email used to register. Outside of that, you would need to write a plugin that hooks into the user account creation event and write your criteria there. If you need help pulling this off via plugin, the #marketplace is a great place to land.


It’s still a manual process but these days, the Custom Wizard Plugin makes the process much easier as it allows you to force/encourage new users to apply for membership in a group without them even understanding that what they are doing is - technically - applying for membership in a group.