Membership site with Chargebee w/o integrations (for now)



so I am working on a Discourse paid membership website. I checked the plugin but it seems abandoned. I checked memberful, but it’s a bit too bare bones. I came across chargebee and I do like it - good customer service (so far), nice documentation.

I was thinking maybe it’s worth to kick off the forum with chargebee and then pay for a plugin to integrate things further down the road (there is one already, but it seems to be incomplete).

During the phase w/o integration, the process would be as follow:

  1. Paid category can only be accessed by group A
  2. To be part of group A I put link to chargebee hosted payment page
  3. Every time I get notification of new subscription or cancellation, I manually update discourse

Does it make sense? Anything I am missing here? Anybody that tried this?

(Tom Newsom) #2

We use Gocardless, which is a similar service to CHargebee but for the UK. Manual updating is what we’re doing, while we iron the creases out of our new membership system that drives Discourse via API. No plugin required. If you want I could dig out the specific API calls for promoting/demoting users from groups?


That would be great, I can take a shot at a plugin or make a spec later on, so details of how you are doing this would be very useful. I think using groups works very well in discourse, we don’t need a full blown membership solution.

(Tom Newsom) #4

Here’s our code, which is in node.js

This probably has more features that you need, but you should be able to see the various API calls in each request line.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

This is very similar to the patreon plugin. The logic for group membership is the following:


Thank you guys. @Tom_Newsom that is pretty cool, I confess I never looked into Discourse API. I really like the idea of using a middle layer instead of a plugin, I could easily code something in flask on Discourse API and chargebee has one too: API Overview | ChargeBee API documentation