Menu "dance" in latest Beta on Safari

I don’t know if it’s the right place to report bugs for the Beta 2.0 but since 3 to 4 days (I do the /upgrade quite often) I saw a new bug in your favorite browser, Safari. Yeah I know… :scream:

When I clic on any menu top right (search / burger / avatar), the whole menu moves on the left. A gif will be more useful…


Latest Safari / latest macOS (11.0.3 / 10.13.3).

Have fun! :running_man:


I can’t reproduce, do you have any custom css/plugins ? This might be the cause.


We do have a custom header but it’s the same for a loooong time now, only thing that was upgraded was Discourse. I’ll double check and post again here what I can find. (and ofc no problem with any other browser). Thanks for the fast answer. :slight_smile:

Annnnnd this is totally a bug between our header and the last updates. :man_shrugging:

You can check it here btw. I does goes away when you scroll down and the header is not visible anymore. We’ll check on our side but if you see something horrible in our code, please do tell. :wink: We try to keep our Discourse as vanilla as possible since we like to use the latest versions. This header is the only change. And Safari manages to break it. :clap: sigh


I’ve now noticed this here on Meta too, using Safari 11.0.3 (13604.5.6)

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I can confirm it happens in Safari on Discourse Meta as well:

Can you repro @awesomerobot or is this a beta browser thing?

Please note we do not support beta browsers as a matter of policy.

I can repro on latest Safari — I think I have a fix, just testing it a bit.


Just pushed a fix, this was previously only a bug in Safari on iOS; looks like it graduated to OSX.

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I had problems with the menu-panel also, which I fixed with:

.hamburger-panel, .menu-panel {
    width: 0px;
    display: inline-block !important;

display: inline-block !important; Being the one that fixed it…